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Terms and conditions for Polestar 1 art for art valuation

Terms and conditions (including specific local requirements) will apply. Such terms will for example include the following major differences in relation to an ordinary sale of any of our vehicles: an independent auctioning house will make a valuation of the art which will be the basis for the possible swap, the buyer will have to confirm the authenticity of the art, the independent auction house will run provenance checks, the buyer will be subject to KYC controls (including relevant background checks), and not least the payment for the car will not be in cash but instead a swap by using the relevant piece of art as payment. The buyer will need to enter into an art sales agreement on the terms stipulated by Polestar. 
Polestar may select among participants and submissions at its sole discretion, and a submission will thus not guarantee a trade. Polestar's statements about the value of an object refer to an estimated auction price based on the information and material made available to Polestar at the time of the statement. Polestar reserves the right to adjust the valuation if new information regarding authenticity, provenance, condition, etc. should emerge. A valuation via e-mail is not a guarantee or binding offer, nor otherwise binding for Polestar to accept the item/s for trade.
The participant is responsible any artist’s resale royalty, for the transport of the art piece to and from the auction house and Polestar’s premises, including any cost related thereto, and for keeping the art piece properly insured up until the potential swap (including but not limited to during transport and the valuation process). The participant is responsible for all cost and risk related to any damage, cost or depreciation of the art piece.

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