Information notice – Real-Time Traffic Information

In order for Polestar Performance AB (“Polestar”, “we”) to be able to provide you with all the functionality related to Real Time Traffic Information we need to process certain data.

1. Data controller

Polestar Performance AB, a Swedish legal entity with company registration number 556653-3096 with address Assar Gabrielssons Väg 9, SE-405 31, Gothenburg, Sweden, hereinafter referred to as “Polestar”, “we”, “us”, will as controller process your personal data as further described below.

2. Processing of personal data

The purpose of the processing of personal data is for Polestar to be able to provide you with the Real Time Traffic Information service, and with improved versions of said service. This service receives information from a third party service provider about road traffic information. It also sends information from your car to the third party service provider, to enrich the service.

3. Data categories

3.1 Vehicle Position

This data is used for the third party service provider to calculate congestion and to inform other drivers where risks for congestion exist.

3.2 Speed

This data is used for the third party service provider to calculate congestion and to inform other drivers where risks for congestion exist.

3.3 Vehicle Identity Number (VIN)

The VIN is used to verify that your vehicle has a subscription for this service.

4. Data sharing

The speed and position of your vehicle will be shared over the internet with Polestar’s cloud service and forwarded to the third party service provider. The information is used to calculate the risk of congestion at certain position. The congestion information will be shared with other vehicles. Your Vehicle Identity Number will only be shared between the vehicle and the Polestar cloud.

5. Legal ground

Polestar is the controller of the above mentioned data, while third party service provider processes the position and speed data. The data listed above are processed on the basis that such processing is necessary in order for Polestar to be able to deliver Real Time Traffic Information.

6. Storing and deleting data

Vehicle Identity Number will be stored on Polestar’s cloud as long as the subscription is active. After the subscription is inactive, VIN, speed and position, and Congestion information are stored for maximum of 90 days, if not in conflict with local law.

7. Other

For more information on your rights in relation to our processing of your personal data and contact details for further information and complaints as well as contact details to our Data Protection Officer, please see the Privacy Policy .

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